Dear Friends,

Here is an update on the Day of Mindfulness plans for Sunday the 28th of August at the Arboretum.

Two of our dear friends need the location to wheelchair accessible and my original proposal for a meeting place (Fletch Wildlife Garden parking lot) is not ideal. Therefore, I propose that we meet between 9:30 and 10:00 am at the point of the yellow arrow in the Arial photos below (also circled in the zoomed photo to the right).  This gives us the liberty to park wherever is appropriate (or cycle, in my case).  One disadvantage with the Fletcher Wildlife Garden Parking Lot is that (officially) the parking is just 90 minutes.  I have never seen anyone enforce this, though.  Another parking location option is across from the Dow’s Lake pavilion ($12 / day).

The meeting place I am suggesting is just past (or before, depending on which way you are coming from) the foot bridge – bicycle path, which is paved and much more easily accessible than other places.

Bring blankets or towels if you want to sit on the grass; bring food and drinks for yourselves too.