Dear Thay, dear beloved community, dear friends,

Our beloved sister, Dharma Teacher Laureen Osborne – Chân Anh Chân (True Beautiful Truth) transitioned peacefully from this life late Thursday evening, Nov 10th at the Ottawa Hospital, after a long and difficult journey with lung cancer.


Florida May 2016

Laureen was a true pillar of the Ottawa Pagoda Sangha, since the beginning of her practice with us in 2003. In 2008 Laureen received the 14 Mindfulness trainings at Maple Village, Quebec, and became a member of the Order of Interbeing.


Galilee November 2014

In the spring of 2014 Laureen was invited to Plum Village, France, to receive the transmission of the Lamp of Wisdom from our dear respected teacher, Thay Nhat Hanh.


Plum Village May 2014

In the tradition of the Zen lineage for this ceremony, Laureen and Thay exchanged these gathas:

Laureen’s Gatha to Thay:

Far from the path,
My thoughts scatter like leaves
You take my hand and we walk together
Like buds unfurling in spring
Awareness unfolds
Slowly, my eyes open: I smile

 Thay’s Gatha to Laureen:

 A Harmonious Sangha always brings forth outstanding members of the Sangha
Countless flowers of true love have manifested because of that
Every step can make the pure land into a reality
Every step makes heaven and earth collaborate to celebrate the plum blossom festival

Laureen manifested her deep commitment to the practice, her love for the Dharma, and her support for the Sangha in countless ways that will continue to manifest and bloom in us, as her continuation. Laureen poured her heart into everything she did – dog grooming, vegetarianism, painting, teaching mindfulness – with passion, zest, talent, dedication, and clarity, and above all, with love and generosity.

Sangha friends and Dharma Teachers from the Maple Village Sangha, Brother Chân Cơ, Mme Nhung, Sister Huyền-Châu, Sister Kim-Hằng traveled from Montreal last Saturday to offer a beautiful chant for Laureen. Laureen was as dearly beloved by the Maple Village Sangha as they were to her.


Maple Village September 2015

Thank you, Laureen, for all the blessings your life has given to the many beings who had the privilege to be touched by it.  We bow to you in gratitude.