This is the schedule for the Ottawa Pagoda Sangha for the next few weeks.

Our meditation sessions begin at 7:00pm. Please arrive a little earlier than that so that you and we have the time to settle down.

Title Date Leader
3 Touchings of the Earth September 20, 2017
Day of Mindfulness September 24, 2017
Old Path White Clouds September 27, 2017
Sutra on Teachings to be Given to the Sick October 4, 2017
14 Mindfulness Trainings Recitation October 11, 2017
Reconciliation Ch 8 & 9 October 18, 2017
Thich Nhat Hahn and Engaged Buddhism October 25, 2017
All Saints Day – No Session November 1, 2017

Members of the Core Sangha who wish to volunteer to lead a session that has not yet been assigned or sign up for other tasks are invited to go to the signup sheets page.