Following Thay Nhat Hanh’s recent hospitalization, this page is dedicated to Thay and expresses our gratitude and kind memories that our Sangha has of him.

The following landscape photographs were taken at Thay’s  first North America’s Canadian retreat in 1985 at Camp les Sommets (Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada). LES SOMMETS 85_0003LES SOMMETS 85_0002


The second North America Canadian retreat took place also at Camp les Sommets in 1987 with Thay where our senior Dharmacharya, Chan Ngo, took the 14 Mindfulness Training (behind the picture is the meditation hall barrack).


This was the first ever batch of 14 Mindfulness Training ordinations in North America with mostly Canadian OI members (only one American in the picture who is second from left). The other two non-Vietnamese Canadians were Brian Goodyear (second from right) and Monique Mayers (second row, standing on the stairs, on the left). Chan Ngo (Vinh Nguyen) is third to the right of Thay.

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